We're very happy to announce that we will begin to carry Sraml's line of VPe & VP pneumatic membrane wine presses. With sizes ranging from 5 HL to 150 HL and a host of customization options, Sraml's presses represent the highest value to winemakers large and small.

With an already-established US user base, we are ready to provide references from winemakers who've been using Sraml's presses for years.

The Sraml family's focus is on producing two lines of high-quality, customizable presses: the VPe line and the VP line.

Sraml VPe "Eco" Line of Pneumatic Membrane Presses

Although the "e" in VPe stands for "Eco", these presses are anything but basic. VPe presses will satisfy the requirements of any small to mid-size winery. The VPe line represents a balance between affordability and high quality that is unrivaled in presses from other manufacturers. Standard features include:

  • PLC touchscreen control with six pre-programmed pressing cycles
  • Built-in fan for rapid inflation at low pressure
  • Ultra-quiet German-made Becker compressor for high-pressure pressing
  • Large juice collection tray with screened-off drain for
  • Available in sizes from 5 HL to 44 HL
  • Capacities of 5 HL press are approximately .4 tons of whole fresh grapes and 2 tons of fermented red grapes
  • Capacities of 44 HL press are approximately 3.9 tons of whole fresh grapes 18.4 tons of fermented red grapes

Sraml VP Line of Professional Pneumatic Membrane Presses

The VP Line represents Sraml's commitment to high-end professional winemaking, with a number of thoughtful upgrades and a vast array of possible customizations to make harvest proceed seamlessly.

The vast number of possible customizations allow for winemakers to dial in a press perfectly tailored to their wishes and production style.

Standard features include everything found on the VPe line, plus:

  • Extra large dual sliding doors to provide easy interior access for loading, unloading and cleaning
  • Axial loading valve
  • Hinged sides to provide complete access to the rotating drum during cleaning and unloading
  • A vast array of upgrade possibilities to create the ideal press for your winery and production style

Available Upgrades

Customizability sets Sraml presses apart, with a staggering number of options to choose from. Possible upgrades range from the mundane—extended legs for emptying pressed grapes into bins, for example—to the truly groundbreaking, such as the INERTIS system, which preserves delicate aromatics throughout pressing by hermetically sealing the press and completely purging the interior with inert gas.

Thoughtful usage upgrades include allowing complete control of the press by wired or wireless remote, or a motorized wheel that allows a single user to easily move the press around the facility.