Alchemy Distillery in Humboldt County, California have been a key part of the distilling world since their inception, helping lobby for legislation that helps distillers, educating new producers, and generally being a lot of fun to talk to! We're glad to be a small part of their story. Here's how they've used some of our products to make interesting—sometimes unusual—but always tasty craft spirits.

Who is Alchemy Distillery?

In 2010, Amy and Steve decided to start a distillery focused on high-quality grain-to-bottle spirits in Humboldt County, CA. Over the next five years, they trained, toured, and networked and ultimately chose to use an American-made still and to produce aged whiskeys, unaged spirits, and rare products like absinthe, bitters, digestives, and barrel-aged cocktails while partnering with local crafters for brandies and other fine spirits. In 2015, they successfully produced their first batch of 90 proof 100% local wheat whiskey, Clear Whiskey.


Steve and Amy discovered TCW Equipment early in their procurement stages, so they were able to open their distillery with efficient and reliable equipment from day one. They chose TCW Equipment because of the reliable products and the proximity (buying local is something they’re both passionate about). Before production of the first batch, they had undergone a fair amount of training, including hands-on experiences that made them comfortable getting started. From there, they learned on the job. When they needed help eliminating sediment from their Clear Whiskey using a filter housing with SimpleSpirits Pump, Michael was able to help them identify the right microns.


Alchemy Distillery uses four primary products from TCW Equipment: the DoublePlus Filter with Integrated Pump on Cart (Filtration Station) for filtering spirits, and Sump Cart with Rails for emptying barrels and catching bits of char. Their bottling and spirit transfers wouldn’t be possible without the Filtration Cart and Cart with Rails. They also are regular users of ProxyCarb for cleaning and Citric Acid for neutralizing the Proxy. While discussing how these products have helped with production and generally made operations easier and more efficient for Alchemy Distillery, Steve said, “You are only as good as the tools you have. We are happy to invest in the right tools to make our jobs easier and our process streamlined.”

  • The mobility of the DoublePlus allows it to be used for several applications throughout the distillery. It’s compact and sits on a wheeled cart with an attached basket for small parts, making it “extremely convenient” for Steve and Amy’s filtration purposes.
  • The ProxyCarb is used to clean the potstill and holding tank after the gin runs. It never strips the still or causes any damage.
  • They use the Rolling Sump Cart with Rails to make jobs easier inside the limited space, like dumping barrels and catching excess char in the removable tray, proofing down spirits and connecting to the bottling machine, and pre-rinsing bottles with fitted bottle racks that allow them to drain back into the cart.


The most notable things about TCW Equipment according to Steve and Amy are the customer service, assistance in choosing the best products for your needs, the selection in stock, and the quality. Since debuting the Boldt brand on Saint Patrick’s Day 2016, Alchemy Distillery and Boldt have won dozens of awards and received much recognition. They have become champions of the trade and are even invited regularly to advise others in the industry. Steve and Amy look forward to the upcoming opening of their new tasting room and commercial kitchen.