The Top 3 Craft Brewery Tools

The Top 3 Craft Brewery Tools

In starting or growing a craft brewery there are so many details to think about, we want to make buying your tools as straightforward and painless as possible. That way it’s your experience, hard work, and brewing techniques that will get you the rest of the way.

To help streamline your research process we’ve put together information on our top three most purchased tools for breweries. There are actually four if you include the cleaning tools. As anyone can attest, brewing starts and ends with cleaning. We left those out because there are too many cleaning tools to include.

Now to the tools we recommend, if we were in your shoes, we wouldn’t want to think much about the equipment. We would just want it to be dependable and straightforward and that’s why these three tools are the most sold brewery in our shop:

1. The Ampco CB+ 114 Craft Brewery Pump

Ampco's CB+ series of pumps are an upgrade to the classic C-Series pump design found in nearly every brewery. If you've tried moving hot wort with your normal C-Series pump, you know that near-boiling temperatures can cause premature seal failure that leads to a leaky pump. The CB+ solves these problems by submerging the internal seal to help promote cooling. It's tough to visualize, but easy to see the results. No more leaks!

In all other respects, the CB+ 114 looks, acts, and performs like Ampco's AC-Series heads, or those from other manufacturers. Ampco pumps set the standard for reliability and quality, so you know you'll be getting a premium pump. Learn more about it here.

2. GlideTech Butyl Brewery Hose with Crimped Ends

TuderTechnica's GlideTech Butyl hose is a premium, phthalates-free transfer hose that is ideal for use as a brewery hose. The extremely smooth GlideTech outer cover allows the hose to slip freely and easily over concrete floors. The helical winding prevents water from pooling underneath. It resists picking up dirt, and retains its signature shiny red appearance for years and years. Just wipe down the exterior with a wet cloth.

GlideTech Butyl is well known for its superior odor and flavor neutrality. It imparts nothing, ensuring the absolute integrity of your final product. GlideTech hoses are reinforced with stainless steel coils internally, giving them the ability to withstand normal working pressures up to 150 psi and vacuum up to 30 In. Hg. We apply heavy-duty stainless steel sanitary hose crimp ferrules in the length you choose and the hose is good to go. We have standard lengths here or you can call us to get a custom length.

3. SuperKlean Heavy-Duty Standard Washdown Nozzle

I know, I know, a hose nozzle listed as the most purchased item from breweries? Yes. Think how often you’re with your hose. It’s almost like another crew member. This is one area you will want to splurge. Buy a nozzle that feels right and will reliably get the job done. What’s more, you can rebuild these nozzles again and again, so it’ll be with you for years. SuperKlean's Classic 150-series nozzle is the industry-standard for professional washdown applications in your facility.

Nozzles are available in lightweight aluminum, long-lasting brass, or durable stainless steel. Which should you choose? Well, aluminum is the lightest and least expensive, while brass & stainless steel are the most durable and offer the highest corrosion protection. Brass has a slight price advantage against stainless steel, but if you want to "buy it once" we recommend stainless steel first, brass (a very close) second, and aluminum third. Customize your nozzle here.

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