Bell Wine Cellars has two Ragazzini Rotho peristaltic pumps which they purchased from TCW over 20 years ago. These pumps are regularly used in their winery. To ensure smooth operations they have had their equipment serviced by TCW nearly every year since they initially purchased the pumps.

John Hazak is a longtime Napa Valley winemaker and cellar master who joined Bell Wine Cellars back in 2020. “So far my experience with TCW’s service department has been very positive. We haven't really had any issues. So far everything's worked perfectly”. John reports that he does what he can to avoid surprises during harvest. “We have our pumps maintained every year by TCW just to make sure they're working properly. We’ve tried to avoid any kind of a breakdown during harvest which is a critical time obviously.” Due to the critical nature of the harvest season John always ensures he brings his pumps in a few months before the season even begins from his yearly maintenance.

As Bell Wine Cellars can attest, our service and maintenance offerings are designed for simplicity. “Service is very easy. We drop (the equipment) off at any time and get them back quickly. Harvest is unpredictable, but service with you is not.”

At the end of the day having regular ongoing maintenance is a personal choice for each facility and winemaker. Many of our customers appreciate having service and maintenance off of their plate. They know TCW can keep up the equipment to ensure many years of optimal operation. If you choose to clean, maintain, and service your equipment yourself, then we’re here to answer questions and guide you through it. We have also made some quick tips for maintaining pumps, hoses, presses, and other equipment. Otherwise, take John’s word, “I recommend TCW service because you have great customer service. You sell reliable equipment. Your service and sales are hassle free. Everything is really straightforward.”