Unified Symposium 2021: TCW's Deals
Our Annual (and only) sale is happening this week. If you haven’t already, make sure to register for the 2021 Unified Wine & Grape Symposium. Contact us for consultations and to discuss the exclusive deals you'll find below.

Planning a crush pad? Don’t wait, do it NOW! Harvest processing equipment is sent from Europe, so order your crush pad now. When ordered early you’ll prevent costly and stressful delays. Plus, as an incentive, you can order during our once yearly UWGS annual sale and receive up to $1000 toward your purchase. Those familiar with TCW know that we keep our prices low so we do not offer discounts. Once a year during the Wine & Grape Symposium we offer a discount to those who place an order during this week.

Order pumps and presses now to receive:

  • $500 toward any Jabsco pump
  • $1000 toward a Ragazzini pump
  • $500 toward Mori PZ Presses.
  • $1000 toward any Sraml press
  • If you don’t order now and you are interested in purchasing equipment for the current year's harvest, you must place your order no later than April 1st of the same year.
  • Washdown Bundle - Offered at $649 (Retail $900)

For those who don’t need crush pad equipment, we still have something for you. Some say this is the most important (and most used) tool in winemaking. Have you gone too long with rundown, broken, or poorly working washdown tools? Now you can keep your crush pad equipment clean with our complete washdown hose bundle. The washdown assembly is an all-inclusive package that you can simply hook up to your hot and cold water lines for a fully-functional washdown station with precise temperature mixing. Includes the following three items:

  • A temperature gauge for accurate readings at outlet to ensure proper washdowns and operator safety.
  • Multi-purpose Goodyear Continental Frontier hose
  • A SuperKlean Classic 150-series nozzle
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